Running in the Corona Era

We stay inside as much as possible, but we still want to keep exercising. Running is the solution. As long as you run individually and in a responsible manner, your body and mind will benefit.

We are Runstoppable!


We guide, support and motivate you! will do its utmost to provide you with your running essentials. To reduces the risk of infection we have adapted our normal procedures on a number of points. What will the consequences of the current situation be for our customers?

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Be Runstoppable

Running is one of the few sporting activities which is still possible under these circumstances. When you have been locked up inside all day it can be very liberating to go out for a run. When doing this be sure to keep in mind the following:


Check your well-being every day: already important in ‘normal times’ but even more important under today’s circumstances. Do you feel a cold coming or is your respiratory system irritated in any way? Then don’t take the risk and just stay home. It doesn’t just prevent you from wearing yourself out, but also reduces the risk of infecting others.


Choose your route tactically: as you keep you distance from others in the supermarket or at your work, also try to do this on your runs. Avoid crowded spots and don’t run together in a group. It’s preferable to find a route that is usually quiet or one that takes you through nature. Keep your distance from other people on the road.


Pay attention to your behaviour during your runs: running comes with some etiquette. There’s a big chance that you spit out slime or snot during your runs. You might not even notice it. Try not to spit in the vicinity of other people and remember that germs stay afloat in the air for a while. Don’t take any risks and wash your clothes after every run.


Wash your hands: wash your hands before and after your run. Do you usually hold a fence or post while stretching? Other people have probably also done this recently. So, try to avoid this. You can always stretch inside the safety of your own home. Try to avoid touching your face during and directly after you run.

The Most Important Part

Have fun: especially in these troubled times a run will do you good. Try to not let tight training schedules decide your life, most races have been canceled anyway. Just enjoy the fresh air, your natural surroundings and your health.


Running without your buddy might sound a bit boring. Just put on your favourite podcast or music and you will be ready to go! You want track your routes and performaces? Then it might be time for a new sports watch.


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You're Not Alone

Even though we have to keep our social contacts to an absolute minimum, this doesn’t mean that you are alone. We hope that running will help you get through these times in a healthy manner. Enjoy every day and take care of yourself and others.

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