Running pants women


Women's running pants

A good pair of tights are very important for runners. Tights have a body-hugging fit, thereby preventing chaffing and other forms of irritation. Tights come in different lengths: short tights, capris (3/4 tights) and long tights. This helps you to adapt your outfit to the weather conditions. Thickness is also something to look out for when buying tights. Different tights have different thicknesses: winter tights are thick and warm where summer tights are thin and perfectly suitable for warmer days.

The short tights of Under Armour, Saucony, adidas and Rogelli have a loose fit and are ideal for people who want more freedom of movement. Various short tights also have inner shorts. Would you like tight fitting short tights? Then the tights of Skins, Craft and Nike are perfectly suitable for you.

Longer tights are often worn when the sun is not yet at its strongest. Capris are great for when it starts to get warmer outside. The fabrics used for the construction of Capris and tights often contain a lot of different technologies: Craft's Essential Capri, for instance, uses fabric at the back of the knees which ensures excellent body-temperature, Saucony's soft Powerluxe fabric keeps you dry and feels like a second skin, and Falke's seamless light capri is lightweight and offers excellent moisture management that prevents your muscles from cooling down during your run.

The DRY technology by New Balance quickly wicks away sweat. This is also applicable for Nike's Dri-Fit and Asics' Motion Dry material which also wick away moisture from the body fast and effectively.

Skins' short tights, capris and long tights employ Dynamic Gradient Compression which offers stability and targeted support to the muscles. The compression reduces forming of lactate acid in the muscles and thereby prevents injuries.