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Buying Athletics Spikes for Women at Running.shop

Women's spikes come in many different types, sizes and colours. Whether you are a sprinter, long-distance runner or all-rounder, at Running.shop we have the right spikes for you.
There are many different types of spikes for women. There are all-round spikes, sprint spikes, middle distance spikes, long-distance spikes, cross country spikes, and spikes for high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault and javelin throw. Each type of spike is fine-tuned for its own event. Sprint spikes have a streamlined shoe, many pins and a stiff plate underneath the forefoot. Middle distance spikes are light of weight, offer a little cushioning and are often used as all-round spikes or for hurdling. Long-distance spikes have a flexible, flat sole and fewer pins. Cross spikes have a good profile on the sole, fewer pins and offer support to the feet. High jump and long jump spikes also have pins in the heel. Long jump, pole vault and triple jump spikes often feature a midsole to attenuate shocks.
In addition to these spikes, there are also specialist shoes for shot put, discus throw and hammer throw which is specially made for that event.
In addition to spikes which are specifically made for women, we also have many spikes that are suitable for women as well as men. You can recognize these by the unisex label in their titles. Do you still have any questions about this? Feel free to contact our customer service, they will gladly help you with your choice.