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Men's trail running shoes

Trail running shoes offer great protection during difficult trail runs and stay flexible even in the toughest of conditions.

Saucony employs Everun cushioning material. This means that there’s an extra layer of cushioning material added to the midsole. The PWRTRAC outsole offers three times as much grip as standard rubber outsoles.

Inov-8’s Dynamic Fasica Band absorbs weight and converts this into propulsive movement with every stride you take. Three different types of rubber provide you with grip during your run. To get the right amount of grip the rubber is softer in certain areas of the shoe and sturdier where the foot needs extra protection. The Powerflow midsole provides the Inov-8 trail shoes with their improved cushioning.

The Endofit technology of Salomon ensures that the feet are enclosed in the right place and also ensures improved support and heel-to-toe transition of the in-shoe. In addition the SensiFit-System ensures that the feet are firmly enclosed by the upper.

The Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System of Asics helps to divide the shocks during the pressure fase which ensures a supple transition to midstance.