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Buying Trail Running Shoes?

Trail running shoes are used for running on unpaved surfaces found in forests, on beaches or in fields. Good trail shoes have a structured profile on the outsole which ensures the right amount of traction during trail runs on dirt paths. Many trail running shoes feature a tight-fitting upper, which helps to keep dirt out. If that’s not enough, and you’d rather not have any dirt or moisture entering your trail shoes at all, you’re best off buying waterproof trail shoes with a GORE-TEX upper. Most trail running shoes are neutral shoes. Because of the sturdy outsole, trail shoes provide more stability during landing phase. Therefore a stability block is not necessarily required. Saucony is one of the few brands that does offer trail running shoes specially made for overpronating runners.


Where Will You Be Running?

When going off-road you are better off with trail running shoes or cross country shoes, but which ones should you get? There are different types of trail shoes which each offer a varying degrees of grip. The right amount of traction during cross-trails is essential and helps prevent injuries. There are shoes for regular trails, extreme trails or trails for beginners.

  • Shoes for trail challenges are lighter of weight and often have a lacing system. Salomon and Hoka One One’s trail shoes often feature such a locking system for the laces.
  • Extreme trails ask for a rugged outsole which provides enough grip throughout.
  • Shoes for beginning trail runners look a lot like regular running shoes, but offer far more grip.

Every trail runner has his own style, therefore there are a lot of different trail shoes. There is a difference between trail shoes for women and trail shoes for men. Men's trail shoes, for example, are sturdier and slightly wider than their female counterparts. Both types of trail shoes, of course, offer sufficient cushioning and maximum comfort, so you can comfortably complete your trails.


Trail Running Shoes: Upper and Outsole

The right amount of grip is of the utmost importance. Stability ensures that you remain standing during your trail runs. A good landing phase with sufficient grip reduces the risk of injuries due to slipping. Therefore, pay attention to the grip of the outsole when purchasing trail running shoes. The more aggressive the profile, the more grip you will have on trails or boggy forest paths. A highly structured outsole is very suitable for extreme trails on very rough terrain. A wear-resistant sole with a lot of structure ensures rapid removal of dirt from underneath the shoes. This way you will maintain continuous grip throughout your trails.

The upper of trail running shoes is a critical part; it protects your feet against splashing water, rainfall, tree roots and other elements. When running muddy or sandy trails, you don’t want this dirt to end up in your shoes, therefore a lot of trail shoes have a sock-like fit, which snugly encloses the feet and helps to keep dirt out of the shoes. Many trail shoes also use GORE-TEX technology to keep the feet dry during trail runs. To protect the toes from the inescapable bumping into stumps or rocks, the nose of cross shoes often feature a reinforced toe-box.


Which Brands Offer Trail Shoes?

At you will find the right trail shoes from several notable brands. Top brands such as Salomon, ASICS, Mizuno, Nike and Saucony specialize in trail running. Nike has even released a Nike Pegasus trail version of its very popular Pegasus shoe. Salomon doesn’t just specialize in trail running shoes, but also makes special clothing, running backpacks and other trail accessories. Do you have questions about an upcoming cross or trail event which you are going to compete in? Then don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. We have a few trail running specialists at work at, who will be happy to help you purchase the right trail shoes or prepare you for upcoming runs. You can easily and quickly buy the best trail shoes online in the webshop.