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Thermal shirts women


Women’s Thermal Tops

Buying Thermal Tops for Women

Whether you are running in cold or warm conditions a thermal top is the ideal base layer for women who are into sports. There are long sleeve base layers or base layers with short sleeves, and thermal tops that help to keep you cool or tops that help to ensure that you stay warm. offers thermal clothing for women which is suitable for any type of weather. In summer it is important to wear functional underwear because it ensures that moisture is wicked away from the body. In winter it is important that you keep your body warm with a thermal shirt. It might be wise to opt for a long sleeve thermal top or a merino wool base layer. Thermal shirts for women are generally narrower at the waist than thermal shirts for men.

A few good examples of effective base layers for women are:

  • Craft’s Cool Intensity undershirt is seamless, lightweight and ideal for exercising in warm conditions thanks to its Stay Cool Technology. The Stay Cool technology keeps the body cool all through your workout.
  • Craft’s Active Comfort thermal shirts are ideal for winter. These shirts come in sleeveless thermal tops, thermal t-shirts and thermal long sleeve tops and keep you dry, warm and comfortable during your runs.
  • For a top that doesn’t fit too tight around the body, but still provides a good fit, you can opt for Falke’s thermal shirts. Falke’s thermal shirts actively remove sweat and ensure that the top stays dry and light during your runs. Falke employs their Ergonomic Sport System, this system activates the fascia (or connective tissue). Falke’s thermal Impuls T-shirt features this Ergonomic Sport System.
  • Odlo’s Ceramicool Fabric ensures that the skin is actively cooled down with 1 ° C.
  • If you are looking for the perfect undershirt for women for all seasons, then the Evolution Light Thermo t-shirt from Odlo might be the right top for you. This shirt has seamless integrated ventilation zones that provide targeted ventilation while still ensuring thermal insulation.

Are you looking for a thermal top for women then is the right place for you. We have a wide range of thermal shirts for women. Do you still have a few questions to ask first? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you with all your question.