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Women's underwear

Wearing the right underwear is necessary to run comfortable the whole year. The runner can wear a sport bra as the basic equipment for extra comfort. Underwear provides moisturizing and a protection against all weather conditions. Functional running socks are the finishing touch of the basic equipment.

There are different categories of underwear. Thermal underwear protects the runner against the cold weather conditions. The underwear of the category 'Stay cool' keeps the body cool and drains the moisture. During the run there are no irritations from the sport bras, shirts, underpants or running socks.

PureLime Women who are relaxed and confident are more succeeded and luckily in life. This is the persuasion of PureLime. The brand PureLime is made in a loft in Denmark. The products of PureLime stimulates the relaxation and confidence of the women. PureLime has a focus on fashion, comfort and fit. The compression BH gives an optimal support and the Seamless Hipsters of PureLime gives the maximum freedom of movement because of the seamless technology.